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So what is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimisation is a set of measures which when enabled can cause a web page to rank higher in the search engines for its most relevant and trafficked keywords. An SEO company can help you in this process by suggesting and implementing on-site and off-site SEO optimisation methods.

Both of them act together towards achieving the goal of pushing your website up in the search engine results pages, or SERPs. Such methods include organic link building, namely obtaining natural backlinks to your pages without buying them or using any other methods that aren’t in line with the Google’s Webmaster Policy.

Your ultimate objective is to have your website show up first in the search engine results pages whenever a potential customer seeks for something you can provide, be it a product or a service. SEO is the process that makes search engines understand what types of keywords and industries your website is the most relevant for.

Do I really need SEO services?

70% of people searching in Google IGNORE ads that come up after search, they only focus on ORGANIC search results! Example:

Dublin lawyers Google Search

Google is huge resource. It is the main search engine that exists today with more than 58% of the GLOBAL market share. This translates into more than 30 billion Google searches being performed each month, therefore you can see how important it is for your business to have a presence there.

It’s where your potential customers are looking for the types of services or products that you can supply to them. If you aren’t there, they are going to find your competitors and buy from them instead, since they might not even know you exist.

SEO makes your site visible in Google, Yahoo and Bing, so that your customers can not only find you company online, but they can read your pages, study your products and services and compare them with similar products from other companies, in order to make an informed choice. If your products are really good, you have every chance to win this battle.

Search engines, whether it be Google, Bing or Yahoo, are all competing with each other to be able to give its users the best user experience possible, so delivering the most relevant search results when people search for something is of paramount importance to them. They want to discover your best content and put it in full view right on the top of the results page, where its users can find it and use it.

As a seo expert and consultant based in Dublin along with my team, we can help you improve your online visibility and can carry out a thorough keyword research analysis of your industry sector along with an in-depth ‘competitive reconnaissance’ of your niche competitors.

Once this is done we can develop an action plan which has the supreme goal of bringing you on top of search engines for the best possible keywords that apply to your business within your niche.

All our methods are 100% white hat, so you can be sure you are never going to have your site penalised by Google as a consequence of our actions.

Once we apply these techniques to your website you will see a steady rise in your websites rankings which will in turn bring you more visitors and increase your brand awareness. But we don’t stop there, we can also help you develop and market compelling content that will result in a higher customer retention rate on your site and will ultimately lead to more sales for your business.

The main purpose of search engines is to provide useful information to readers who search for it online. This is why they usually change their algorithms quite frequently, in order to be able to cope with new websites that appear and to try and combat the ‘fraud’ attempts from shady SEO companies or ‘black hatters’ who try to get sites ranked high by utilising techniques that go against compliance guidelines.

We have specialists that monitor such algorithm changes constantly, so that we can implement changes in our methods and tools as soon as something new comes out or a major algorithm upgrade occurs.

As a valued client we are always here for, so once we get you on top of the SERPs, we make sure to maintain these top positions by keeping up to date with guideline changes and updates. This translates into a very good return on investment for your business allowing you to enjoy the fruits of well-done SEO for many months and years without having to invest huge budgets in advertising and promotion. This is internet marketing done in a wise way.

 Services we offer

Dublin SEO

You must be quite cautious at which firm you ultimately decide to work with, when it comes to selecting the proper Search Engine Optimization firm. Much of your business is on the line here, and time is constantly working against you in your efforts to get your exposure in the organic search results. Each day that passes your contest is pouncing on your own prospective customers and taking your income.

To make the job easier for selecting the proper SEO company, these seven tips will help you to narrow down the hunt for an affordable, professional, and efficient candidate.

1. Size of Your Company
Make particular when choosing an SEO firm they offer customers distinct price points for different sized companies. SEO is NOT the same for all businesses, and SKY SEO understands that every business has to reach out to potential customers with marketing strategies that are appropriate for that individual company, not a cookie-cutter formula for every business. Your content would be lost if you just used the same marketing strategies as the rest of the businesses in your specialty as well as your pages never located by consumers.

2. Unique Key Word Optimization
The key word optimization on your own site is an intrinsic part of how the search engine spiders rank your pages and how effectively the consumer will find you during a key word search. At SKY SEO your content is analyzed, then the key words are optimized, and alternate ones are indicated to boost your page ranking. You will even get a detailed analysis report showing the way the correct keywords will increase traffic.

As you begin dealing with an SEO business, you would like in order to rest assured knowing they are there to help you when concerns or questions appear. Not only will you get the replies to your concerns in a timely manner, the top search engine optimization firms will likely have the ability to anticipate your concerns and offer you expert guidance for growing your search skill. Addressing your concerns until they become questions can, the sooner the work implemented and that rush of traffic finds your site. We have also been Inc, Forbes, some of the world’s top publications, Huffington Post & examiner for our work in research and development in free traffic for small businesses.

Without having you hold their hand each step of manner, the SEO business you ultimately decide to work with needs to save you invaluable time by delivering professional work within a stated time frame. The expert SEO team at SKY SEO work on boosting your website page position so you could focus your efforts on different projects designed to grow your company.

It requires hard work for an internet search engine optimization firm to come up with a strategy and then find high ranking keywords with decent traffic low rivalry. While you shouldn’t anticipate to get bargain basement pricing on this particular service, you shouldn’t need to pay the highest rate either. When delivered the professional Search Engine Optimization pros bill a fair cost for their exceptional service, and stand behind their work.

6. Developing Linking Strategies
It is one thing to rank high for certain keywords, it’s another entirely to get a solid linking strategy in place. Your Search Engine Optimization company will work on developing reciprocal and one way since they understand how significant these parameters are to the various search engines linking. Your Search Engine Optimization company WOn’t just perform a comprehensive investigation of the linking structure in your site, they will reveal to you just how they plan to improve upon it.

7. Understanding the End Game
They will explain to you how they are going to boost the exposure to your website by getting you top rankings at Google, when you first start working together with the professional search engine optimization team. The marketing strategies they utilize will drive more targeted customers to your products and services, which in turns grows sales and your customer base.

Search Engine Optimization Ireland

These tips should work as a guideline for you when deciding on the best search engine optimization company, not only for getting started on the route that is right, but to systematically increase the presence of your site and place you each day to the top pages of the major search engines.

Midwest SEO St Louis SEO, and Chicago SEO are arguably some of the most competitive key words when searching in the states of Missouri, Illinois, and Florida. Then picture that which we can do to help your business, if we can do it against our contest, which does search engine optimization exclusively.

Then you’re losing money to your adversaries that rank ahead of you, in case your website isn’t on page 1 of Google for your business, products, or services. Why do I need SEO Specialist on a local level you might be asking? Along with a smartphone in everyone’s hand, since the net, has replaced the phonebook in lots of houses, and individuals will turn to local searches to find businesses in their area that may fulfill their requirements.

We can help you get your website mobile optimized and located on Google so that you control your competition. We’d like to supply you with a free consultation and website evaluation, and then give you an honest assessment of the changes that we could make to improve your organization. Watch the video for a record of every one of the services we provide that can assist you to turbo charge your company.

Our Search Engine Optimization is NOT For all companies.

We would love to help everyone which has requested our expertise as the word is out after we have assisted hundreds of business attain high-degrees of succeeding. We pick the clients we have a reasonable set of standards that needs to be fulfilled in order for all of us to continue and work with quite carefully. We simply work with a restricted amount of customers at any given time to ensure maximum attention to detail and your company’s greatest success.

We work with clients who’ve:

1. A Healthy and Active company already.
Our services are for businesses which are up and running already and just want to go a lot quicker and a lot further. We do not work with:

Adult Themed Material
Beginning Ups
2. A constant flow of customers and leads. This means that you’re getting consistent traffic and making sales. You’re running ads, you’re promoting, and you’re selling your services. You don’t have to be a household name … You simply need to be PRESENT in your market.

3. A good, solid product and also a good reputation. Everything we do together will not be bringing you more sales and profits, but we’ll be doing it in a sense that creates HUGE goodwill in your market.

That’s it!

In the event you want to speak with us personally about getting you unbelievable results and satisfy the standards above, then we will set aside some time for you. Here the procedure works: First, you’ll have to fill out the discovery form beneath.

Don’t worry, it’s easy and unobtrusive. We get an idea of what you want to achieve simply need to understand what you’re selling, and so forth… We’ll painstakingly review your goals, your offers, and so forth … and we’ll deliver a custom strategy to grow your earnings…based on the same process that’s generating millions for our customers right now. Your first call will probably be between 45 and 60 minutes.

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Search Engine Optimisation includes things like article creation, keyword research, backlinks gathering and many other techniques, which all have the ultimate purpose of sending a signal to search engines telling them that your website is an authority in its field.

Here are some brief descriptions of a handful of specialist of services as a seo company in Dublin provide:-


SEO Consultancy Service

We specialize in defining your SEO objectives and then developing a realistic and effective strategy with you. Whether you need us to be your full SEO team, or you have an in-house marketing team that needs guidance and support, we will work with you either way and we can advise you on the best approach for your business.

Keyword & Market Research

Strong keyword and market research are the foundation of any SEO strategy which allows us to provide you with realistic forecasts of opportunity and projections within your market. We always make sure that we are able to keep any promises we make to you.

OnPage SEO

In order to provide recommendations for improved relevancy and alignment in targeting the best keywords, we will analyse the structure and internal architecture of your website, along with other elements that are important to the search engine algorithms. From schema mark up code to site migrations and much more, our advice and guidance covers all aspects of onsite SEO best practices.

Penalty Recovery

With the experience our SEO consultants have in reviewing backlink profiles and ink audits, they have been able to help websites recover from Google algorithmic penalties likePenguin and Panda in addition to helping websites recover from any manual actions caused by a third party or the website owner themselves.

Link Building

Although link building is outdated terminology for marketing online, links are still the fundamental signal used when scoring a websites relevancy. Despite this, it is still often forgotten or neglected and not given the time and level of expertise it deserves. PR, content marketing and reaching out to get people talking about your brand are all encompassed in today’s idea of “link building”.

Content Marketing

Compelling content is the backbone of any marketing campaign and our team includes experienced professional writers, developers and designers who can help you to get your brand not only talked about, but also mentioned in top online media circles including industry leading blogs and publications.

Outreach Marketing

No matter how brilliant your content is, it can still be lost on the web today. Our specialized SEO outreach team will connect your brand and curated content with those influencers online who are the key to getting people talking about you and sharing your message. This is an essential step that other agencies miss!

Social Media Promotion

It is important to reach your audience through all channels, even though the search engines are still new to understanding and using social signals algorithmically in scoring.

A strong social media presence online is expected these days but with all the hundreds of social platforms out there it can be confusing for any business to know which channels target. Once again we have you covered. Our online marketing knowledge allows us to help your business get traction and visibility on the social networks that will benefit your brand.

Analytics, Analysis and Reporting

Analysing data to find insights regarding your customer journey, attribution or users is one of our specialities. We have found that analysing this data is the only way to make sure that you get the very best out of your search engine marketing campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Getting potential customers to your site is only half the battle. Once they are there the goal of your site should be to convert them into clients and paying customers. This is where optimising your site for conversions is essential.

Our team of specialists can help you get the most out of your website by implementing various methods such as offer testing, visual improvements, user experience enhancements etc… and then tweaking your site where required to increase conversions and sales.


Local SEO in Dublin

Being found locally needn’t be expensive. In fact there are a variety of relatively inexpensive ways to make sure that your website can be found by potential clients in Ireland. These include, for example, Google Places for Business which is a free service.

Depending on the sector and locality of your business, you may still be able to attain the first page of Google within a matter of just days. Naturally, Google wants to provide its customers with the most relevant search results and if someone types in “shower repairs Dublin” they don’t want a Cork based company showing in the results. This is where our local Irish SEO services and expertise comes in and will help your business achieve its goals. is the premier Dublin SEO company of choice and with our SEO capabilities your business can get to the top of Google within Ireland locally as well as nationally.


Interesting Irish SEO Stats and Facts


  •  In a staggering revelation, only 2 – 3% of people who search for information on search engines will ever visit page 2, and beyond, of the results that they are presented with!
  • Calculations have revealed that about 66.8% of the Irish population are active online.
  • It was estimated that in 2012, Irish businesses directed around 20% of their marketing budgets towards marketing their companies online…. And this figure is growing year on year.
  • 94% of all searches within Ireland are done using


Stop losing leads to your competitors!