Contrary to popular belief, writing for the web is different from most ‘offline’ endeavors. Although many people read news articles and magazines regularly, they treat web pages much differently. With web pages, people usually scan them first before reading them unlike the engaged way they treat books. Search engines also read pages on the web, but do so quite differently. SEO (Search engine optimization) and online content writing have a strong connection and as such, the big trick to doing SEO content writing well is knowing how to write great, original, and engaging material for readers while also appealing to search engines. This is a balance that is often considered an art form as writing for both humans and bots is no easy matter.

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15 Seconds Is All You Get

In a recent report it was found that the average reader online will give your website 15 seconds before they decide whether or not they want to stay on your page or leave. If they hit that back button too soon, you get a “bounce” on your page which harms your SEO effectiveness. So how can you overcome this? Well not only do you need a compelling headline that tells your visitors this is what they want to know, a good sub-heading that encourages exploration, but also an engaging format that includes such things as bullet point lists for easy reading and comprehension, and using fonts effectively to make sure people actually stop and read your call-to-action at the end of the article.

Make The Connection

While it may be tempting to write solely for the search engines, these bots that decide who gets to the top of the SERPs (Search engine results pages), don’t sign up for newsletters, make purchases, engage with you, or get out their credit card to give you their money. So what good does it do you if people reach your page but don’t want to stay? We’re not saying that you have to be the greatest writer in the world. But these days’ readers want more than just the facts. They want to connect and engage with you, tell you about your products, and get to know your brand. You need to give them a reason to contact you as well as feel good about their purchase decisions. This is no easy feat.

Focus On Pages, Not Websites

What most people don’t realize is that over 70% of web traffic isn’t hitting your home page. It’s coming to specific subpages of your site via search terms on the internet. Your pages are drawing people in based on very specific phrases. Search engines only care about indexing your web pages, not your entire website. This means you need to focus individually on every page when writing your content, not just your whole site. Each page should be centered on carefully selected keywords. In order for the search engines, such as Google, to better try and understand what subject and topic a particular web page is about, they use a technique know as “latent semantic indexing” or LSI. This determines a search engine’s ability to pick up the subject theme of your page based on context clues and sophisticated phrases – not just individual keywords. Simply put, the search engines know what words should appear in an article that talks about, let’s say wine tasting for example. The more of these words that are in your article, the more relevant the search engines will consider it and will therefore rank that article higher in its results pages.

What Our Content Writing Offers

The first thing we do after you contact us is send you a Client Briefing Statement, which we will go over together. This allows us to learn about your business, your products or services, your competitors, how you fare in your field and what kind of consumer you are targeting. We then go over any pages on your site that you would like to enhance. We’ll go over the keywords and phrases you should be using by first analyzing what your article is about and advise you if the content needs expanding to include more related (LSI) keywords and phrases. This will ensure that your existing articles are perfectly aligned with what the search engines are looking for. Finally, for brand new articles, we take the information that you have already supplied to us and start doing our own independent research both online and off. We do this to better understand your target market and industry/niche. Once this is done we can suggest some articles and content that we think will be great for attracting visitors to your site. However, if you already have topics and subject matter in mind that you want us to write about, we can do this also. Flexibility is key here and we will always be here for your needs and content requirements.

We Haven’t Even Touched SEO Yet!

Like we said before, our primary function is to help you hook that reader and get them to stay on your page, so that’s what we focus on first. We also analyse SEO opportunities in the copy we draft up for you. We then optimize what is already there. It works! This way you get the best of both worlds: great content that engages readers, and content that appeals to search engines.

Headlines That Impact

We are going to make sure you hook that reader in 15 seconds. This means our headlines are created to be the best of the best. They need to be a call to action that brings your customers ‘into your store and browse around’ so to speak. On top of this, these headlines still have to be optimized for Google and other search engines to index highly to begin with.

SEO Optimized Content

If you want to effectively promote your website online, you’ll need web copy that fall in line with what the search engines are looking for. This means key search terms that relate to your product expertly woven into the text. We do not “keyword stuff” but know which words work, the terms and phrases that will connect you with customers. We bring you the best copy available, which is a perfect balance between engaging content and SEO friendly terminology.

No Fluff

We don’t put in any fluff. Some companies want to get really wordy describing their services, but we make sure your pages are concise and to the point. Readers respond much more effectively to this.

Turning Visitors Into Customers

Good content writing and copy doesn’t only bring traffic to your site, but if done correctly it can and should turn that traffic into your newest customers and that’s the whole point. Turning you site visitors into paying customers…right?

Designed For Web Readers

Well-meaning businesses who write their own copy tend to miss the intuitive structures necessary for web readers. The kind of structure that can be read quickly by such readers. It also has to be formatted well enough for the various ways people read web content these days, such as on smart phones and tablets. We have you covered here too.

Content That Focuses On Clients

Our well-researched and intuitively designed content will attract the customers you need to make your business grow. We bring across the personality of your business and make sure customer expectations are met. Being specific is one thing – making your service look like the best around is another. Our great copywriting services bridge these two requirements enabling us to deliver profit pulling content for you site.

Types of Content We Create:

Being expert content writers, our team can write all types of content including:-

▚  Articles

▚  Blog Posts

▚  E-books

▚  Press Releases

▚  Sales Copy

▚  Product Descriptions

▚  Product Reviews

▚  How To Guides

▚  News Stories

….. and a whole lot more.

Whatever your content requirements are, you can rest assured that our premium, high quality, written to order content service has you covered!