One of the best open-source (meaning free) CMS (Content Management Systems) offerings is WordPress. It is being continually improved upon by thousands of gifted and creative developers. As a result, there are now over seven and a half MILLION websites that have been developed using this CMS platform. It is the most popular platform being used today for creating websites. That is why we use it when building websites for our customers, and this why it is the best CMS when it comes to SEO. To help give you a better understanding as to why our wordpress web design service is the best that you can get, we’ve put together the information below that explains why your WP based website will be at the cutting edge of website technology today.

User Friendly

WordPress can do amazingly complex and impressive things, and yet it is simple to use. Most web servers today already support this platform. For those that do not, it is an easy, one click process to install. If you understand even the basics of Microsoft Word, you can easily edit web pages inside the dashboard. This is vital for your online presence as it gives your business the ability to keep your customers updated and informed about things such as new product releases, latest goings on etc…

WP Is Multimedia Friendly

How boring is it to view a text-only website? A site needs variety – videos, photos and other graphics, maps and such – in order to engage the reader and keep them coming back. Such multimedia sites are easy to create and manage using WordPress’s Media Library. For instance, it doesn’t take a professional programmer with coding skills to build a professional looking photo gallery. In fact, it can be done in mere minutes by simply installing a simple gallery plugin!

Choose from a Variety of Themes

wordpress site design Ireland

What is a Theme? Well simply put, it is the overall look – the layout – of your site. That would include everything from the colors used to the layout or look of the different sections. It also includes the navigation tools to get the reader from one section to another. With wordpress it’s a simple one-click process to install these themes once they have been designed to your specifications by us. There are literally thousands of themes from which to choose as a base for your own site, or as most of our customers prefer, you can have us design a bespoke theme for you that is tailored to meet your every requirement. Either way you’re in good hands with our web design team.

Extremely Customisable

WordPress is set up to function quite effectively with no extras needed. But, if you desire more functionality, you have at your disposal an entire community of developers that have created add-ons by means of Plug-ins. What is a Plug-in? It’s a package of code designed to accomplish certain needs. So if you need to add a shopping area to your website where your customers can browse your products and buy them, you can easily implement this into your site by installing a specialised plugin that ‘bolts on’ to your wp based site, and your website is even more personalized and functional. There are thousands of Plug-ins available for just about every requirement making you’re website amazingly flexible.

You Have Full Control of Your Site


dublin website design, wordpress dashboardYou have full control of how people can use and interact on your website. So you could, if you want, create a forum & discussion area that includes a registration section so people can set up their own profiles on your site, great for building a free customer database that you can market to over and over again. But you are always in control. You can monitor and censor discussions if you choose and even control how much access a user or group may have. You may even choose to disable the registration feature altogether. It’s entirely up to you. It is your website. WordPress even has a built-in Spam control feature for your piece of mind.

Increase Your Turnover In More Ways Than One

In today’s online competitive world, it’s vital that you build up a database of potential customers that are interested in what you have to offer. This can be THE most valuable thing you can do with your website because this allows you to contact all these potential customers with promotions and sales….. for free! That’s right, imagine being able to tell 10, 20 or even 50 thousand people about a special deal you have on for the next few days on your website. Do you think you might make a few hundred sales? WordPress is so flexible that there are a number of robust plugins available that can take care of building up a customer list/database for you all on autopilot.

You Get an SEO Jumpstart

If you understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you can target and reach your audience using your website. Using apt key words will enable you to reach the right audience and get the higher rankings you need to draw traffic to your site. But it requires proper coding that allows the search engines like Google to easily understand and better place your site in their results pages. Again, WordPress has you covered as it is built with core SEO fundamentals backed into its foundations meaning that as soon as your site goes live you can rest assured that is optimised and ready to help you dominate the search results.

Mobile is Key

In recent years it has become apparent that people access the web via mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets but what does this mean for your business? Well if you want to get an edge on your competitors you must, I repeat, MUST make sure that your website is ‘mobile responsive’ meaning it can be viewed easily on all these new hand held devices as well as P.C’s and laptops. Our web design team recognise the importance of this and that’s why we deliver quality WordPress based sites to our customer’s that just work.

We Go Above and Beyond

Here at, not only do we have on hand a talented team of specialists in wordpress web development to help get your existing site up to speed, or create a site from scratch that serves your individual needs, we also place a high emphasis on conversions and here’s why… Perhaps your website is getting plenty of traffic, but has no clear path to converting your visitors into sales and leads for your business. Whether it is sign-ups for your newsletter, a purchase or a request for a free offer, the traffic that comes to your site is going to waste. You see most companies get websites built because they believe by having one they are now an online company that ‘looks to the future’. However, in most cases, their websites are just an extension of their business cards or sales brochures meaning they have a telephone number, a few photos of their offices and products and…. well that’s about it.

You NEED Website Conversion Optimisation.

When done correctly and with a clear plan you can make your website work for you in ways that can generate a substantial income stream for your business. So if you plan on selling your products or services via your website, then you must have your site designed with the aim of converting your visitors to customers. To sum it up: More leads and less cost means more profits to you or your company. This applies to any website, whether ecommerce, a landing page to generate leads or any other type of website. If you optimise conversions, you increase your profits.

How to Increase Your Sites Conversion

It’s simple, when you choose to get your website designed and built by, not only do you get a site that is ready to go into overdrive from day one with regards to SEO, fresh new design, mobile responsiveness, fast loading and Google friendly but we also make sure that each design element is optimised with customer conversions in mind.